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long island mobile home leasing renting

Serving Long Island & New York with temporary housing for over 40 years!

About American Mobile Home Leasing


American Mobile Home Leasing Company is your on-site temporary housing provider that has been serving our neighbors since 1972. With our fleet of manufactured homes and on call 24 hour service, American Mobile Home Leasing Company can assist your family when you primary residence is affected by fire, flood, storm damage or some other type of disaster or insurance claim.

In addition to insurance claims, American Mobile Home Leasing Company has housed countless families with our manufactured homes during home remodeling projects.  A great alternative to traditional rentals, at a much lower cost!

Not only are our homes a great alternative for residential usage, business owners have also discovered the many valuable benefits with seasonal employee housing, event planning and as multi-use accommodations.

Contact us today for a free no obligation estimate, and let American Mobile Home Leasing Company bring

Comfort Close To Home for you!

Supporting the Community

American Mobile Home Leasing Company has always supported local charities and organizations in our ongoing effort to give back to those in need.  Feel free to reach out to our charities with a donation of your own today or click on the links below to find out more about them.

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Here are some of the organizations we support every year!

We also support St. Jude's & Susan G. Koman

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