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mobile homes long island

Mobile Homes Long Island
Comfort Made Simple Close to Home
Choose between 12ft, 14ft or Double-Wide Units

Mobile Homes Long Island by AMH

How It Works

Fill Out FREE Quote Form

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out the FREE Quote form for mobile home leasing Long Island. Make sure to fill out the form to its fullest.

Finalize your request

After completing your request form, an AMH  representative will call you within 24 hours to finalize your rental order and set up delivery. 

Fast, FREE Delivery to all of Long Island

American Mobile Home Leasing of Long Island offers FREE Delivery & Installation on every rental! After you finalize your rental order, you can expect to receive it with in 1-2 weeks.

Mobile Homes Long Island Counts On

Our trained staff will make finding the right mobile home leasing simple with a straightforward process and fast delivery. Our leasing options are flexible, affordable and every manufactured home comes move-in ready with all the top accommodations to make you truly feel at home.

American Mobile Home Leasing Company provides a FREE on-site housing inspection and identifies the home that best fits your specific needs.


Short-term or long-term mobile home rentals with on-site hook up through out Long island

AMH is here for you when you need a mobile home, no matter where you are on Long Island! Each mobile home comes with hassle-free delivery, on-site hook-up and are covered by most insurance companies. Being a leading provider in the mobile home industry, AMH makes finding the right mobile home a breeze and come with the top accommodations.


You can order a mobile home in 12ft, 14ft or double wide and delivery is available no only on Long Island, but out-of-state as well. Now have the comfort of home where ever you need it and customer service is available 24/7 with any mobile home on Long Island.

Mobile Homes

 Long Island

12 ft, 14 ft or Double Wide

mobile homes long island

Do you mobile leasing on Long Island and need to rent a mobile home on Long Island? AMH is here with 24/7 customer service, provides the top accommodations and comes with hassle-free delivery.

Temporary Housing Long Island

Every mobile home is kid and pet friendly. We offer a variety of accommodations, whether you need to rent a mobile home for an insurance claim or natural disaster and need on-site delivery on Long Island.

On-Site Hook-Up & 24/7 Customer Services

Home Renovations

Insurance Claims

Storm Recovery

Temporary Housing

Emergency Housing

Seasonal Housing

Sales & Installations

Construction Housing

Employee Housing

Get a FREE Quote for a Mobile Home Leasing Long Island

Find the right mobile home with ease and comfort close to home!

mobile home leasing long island

Did you know AMH can actually help expedite an insurance claim and get you into your Long Island mobile home fast no matter where you are on Long Island! Check out floor plans or get in touch with us today!

5 star award



Rest assured with Mobile Homes from American Home Leasing of Long Island! Satisfaction is always guaranteed and with 24/7 customer service, AMH is here to accommodate your every need while staying in any of our mobile home rentals! Knowing how hard this time can be, AMH makes sure every mobile home is clean and made to make you feel right at home!

mobile homes long island

Why choose AMH for your Long Island Mobile Home Needs

Comfort Close to Home Anywhere on Long Island

Choose between 12ft, 14ft or double-wide mobile homes with hassle-free delivery through out Long Island.

Our mobile home can delivered to any Long Island home or nationwide, and our customer care representatives are available to accommodate any need that arises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On-site hook up is available for any model in our fleet of mobile homes and can be delivered same day, anywhere on Long Island.

Most providers of mobile home & hook-up require you to fill out large amounts of paperwork and the approval time can take weeks no matter where you are on Long Island. American Mobile Home Leasing works closely with homeowners and insurance companies to you get into mobile home on any Long Island property FAST!

mobile homes long island

Each mobile home is professionally cleaned, always move-in ready and can be delivered to any property on Long Island. We help you feel right at home with a variety of accommodations and each unit comes ready for water and electric hook up.


Knowing how hard of time this can be, we offer affordable and long term solutions for mobile homes through out Long Island.

Each mobile home comes with heating, ac, washer & dryers, full size bathrooms and are also available for purchase when your Long Island or out of state home is back to new.

Eliminate Moving Expense

Walk across your yard and your done!

mobile homes long island

Stay Close to Home

Relocating can be very stressful & overwhelming. Stay in your neighborhood by living on-site.

mobile homes long island

More Cost Effective

Leasing one of our manufactured homes is not only convenient, but more cost effective than traditional rentals.

mobile homes long island

No Risk

Eliminate the risk of renting a foreclosed property.

mobile homes long island

Maintain Control

Protect your investment! Staying on-site during construction will protect against vandalism or theft.

mobile homes long island

Insurance Claims Paid

Insurance will direct pay, helping to eliminate or minimize your

out-of-pocket costs.

mobile homes long island

Interested in getting a FREE Quote on a Mobile Home Leasing Long Island? Get more info on amobile home today and move in to your Long Island home-away-from-home tomorrow!

631) 277-3202

Mobile Home that is hassle-free, move-in ready and available to fit any Long Island homeowners needs.

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